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The Weekly News Digest: Redemption, at last

Read all about it!

If you've not been following PC games goings-on across the week, catch up on some of the big stories quick in our noncomprehensive Weekly News Digest. I've slipped in a few things we haven't already posted about, and do also read The Updates Update for some of the week's notable patches and updates.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to PC

Of course it is. November 5th for Rockstar and Epic's stores, December for Steam.

Ultima Online designer Raph Koster is making a new sandbox MMO

He and two handfuls of folks have been fundarising to work on "a sandbox that looks forward, rather than one that looks backwards." Mysterious!

Sony are opening up PlayStations to cross-platform multiplayer

Following a few trial cases, it seems the isolationist years may be ending and we might get to play with our PlayPals in more games.

Ghost Recon disabled "time-saver" microtransactions

...But only because Ubisoft accidentally launched them early. They'll be back later.

Our Ghost Recon Breakpoint review says it's ehhhh anyway.

Duke Nukem 3D's composer is suing Gearbox

Bobby Prince is going after Gearbox and their CEO, Randy Pitchford claiming that they're using his tunes without permission or paying royalties in the recent 20th Anniversary World Tour re-release.

But Gearbox have settled the lawfight with their ex-lawyer

That's the one with the SALACIOUS claims.

Borderlands 3's Rhys has a different voice actor because union stuff

In yet more Gearbox news, this week they've been squabbling with a voice actor union, SAG-AFTRA over why exactly Troy Baker doesn't voice the character returning from Tales From The Borderlands. It's become increasingly bickersome. Because I haven't heard enough stupid Gearbox stuff this week. Is it over?

Nvidia hotfixed crashes and flickers

Oh thank god, no Borderlands here. Ahead of the next full driver release, Nvidia have dropped a hotfix targetting issues in Apex Legends, Fifa, and Battlefront 2. If you need this, you'll need to update manually.

Untitled Goose Game played with a custom costume controller is kind of horrifying

In a very good way.

FIFA 20 tournament leaked personal details of players

We didn't post about this awful data breach because the tournament is only for console editions but good grief, EA.

Freebie corner: Minit on Epic

The latest giveaway Epic are footing the bill for is lovely wee time-looping mystery Minit.

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