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The Weekspot podcast: The Spotty Awards 2020

Your recap of the last 12 months in PC video gaming

I'm pretty confident that all developers that released a game in 2020 would see that as their proudest moment. Just launching a video game during a pandemic is an incredible achievement.

However, the second proudest moment for them, of course, is being recognised at the most flash and prestigious video games awards ceremony of the year: The Spotty Awards!

No expense has been spared for this year's awards show, which celebrates the best that video games had to offer, and only very briefly mentions what video games will be offering in 2021. We couldn't nab any world premieres, so we thought we'd leave off the trailers and announcements this year.

So, with The Spotty Awards, we don't recap the last seven days in PC video gaming and instead we celebrate the video games we enjoyed more than other video games over the past year. Myself and Matthew have both chosen four of our favourites, as well as our outright games of the year for 2020. There are laughs, there are tears, but it's mostly just us chatting about the PC games we liked.

There is always time for a trip to the MSR arena, and given the time of year, this week's Mystery Steam Reviews is all about Christmas-themed video games. But, ya know, there aren't loads of them, so we've also opened it up to snowier games, too.

This is obviously The PC Gaming Weekspot's games of the year for 2020, so if you want to know Rock Paper Shotgun's games of the year, then be sure to have a look at our advent calendar.

To check out this week's edition of The PC Gaming Weekspot you can listen or watch on this page, or you can subscribe to our lovely little podcast via all of your podcatching apps. RSS feed, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pocket Casts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Deezer: take your pick!

If you've got any Burning Questions for us, you can reach us by emailing, or you can stick them in the comments here and we'll get to them when we return in the new year. If you're celebrating something in late December, we hope you have a lovely time doing it. If you're just planning on eating and drinking loads, we also think you should enjoy yourselves, too!

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