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Witcher 3 mod remakes the first game's prologue in fancy modern ways

What a difference a decade makes

A new mod for The Witcher 3 recreates the first game's prologue chapter, sending us back with all the bells and whistles of the modern day. As the RPG series kept revisiting characters across games and across the years, my memories of the first game kept updating with the latest game's looks. Watching the mod's trailer contrasting the original and remake, oh wow, nope, it has changed a lot. If you want to stoke wild dreams of a full remake (don't get your hopes up, pal) or simply revisit that fateful day, you can now download the mod. Here, watch this:

That's the work of modder 'erxv', using extra 3D models from 'Cercaphus', 'Holgar', 'paulscott', 'ScoutBr0', and '-The_Crasher-'. And, obviously, uses sound extracted from The Witcher.

If you fancy a play, hit Nexus Mods to download it. Do pay attention to the instructions there, and one important requirement not listed - you'll need both the game's expansions. Somehow I don't own both of them (no idea what I was thinking) so boo, I have to sit this one out.

The prologue is all the mod is, mind. Do not get over-excited for a full remake from modders - or anyone. I don't know if I'd want a remake anyway. The Witcher feels like living someone's life with them, actions and decisions set in stone, so I've only ever replayed them to replace lost save files to import into later games (good job, me) and playing through purely for funsies would be odd. I'd want that same old wonky combat and all the weird quirks too, because part of what makes The Witcher interesting to me is how good it is despite so much being janky. There's something quaint about the baggage it carries from other RPGs.

Witcher developers CD Projekt RED are still muttering about not abandoning the Witcher universe, though that's all still so vague. While I might be interested in a side-game or two, for now I'd rather they focus on Cyberpunk 2077. Give me those roboarms.

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