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Wotcha: More Witcher 3 DLC Released For Free

Quest and an outfit for Yen

I haven't posted about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [official site] since I started playing it so, as I won't write any diaries or reviews or thinkpieces about it, please allow me a moment to say: oh my gosh isn't it great? I only have a few words here so I'll quickly say I'm delighted to see colours in an 18-rated game. The sunrises, sunsets, days, fields, buildings, decor - everything! it's all so pretty.

Now, the news: developers CD Projekt RED today released the third and fourth free DLC bits for their RPG, bringing a new outfit for Yennefer and a new quest.

The new quest, Contract: Missing Miners, goes down in Skellige. It's nice that they're dropping this fairly late into the game, presumably ahead of where your average players is in the game right now (after 32 hours, I've barely scratched Novigrad let alone left for Skellige). I'm willing to bet that something bad has happened to those miners, probably involving a nasty monster Geralt will get to cut to pieces.

As for Yen, she gets a pretty nice alternative outfit with a nice scarf, some excellent plumage, and a little peep of thigh that really highlights the layering and ties the outfit together. If it were all black cotton and had more rings, necklaces, and tattoos, it'd look perfectly at home on one of those teenagers you see so much of nowadays.

If you have The Witcher 3 on GOG, installation instructions are over here. On Steam, just look for the DLC section on The Witcher 3's game page in your Library and tick the boxes to download it.

RED plan to release sixteen bits of free DLC in all over eight weeks. They only ever announced these plus the already-released armour set and beard styles, so what'll come next week is a mystery. Two expansions are in the works too, with the first due in October.

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