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No More Lurking In The Shadows: The Witcher 3 Released

Get yr witch on

It's been a long wait for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - four years since The Witcher 2 came out, and two since 3 was announced - but CD Projekt's open-world monster-slaying RPG is finally, finally here. It unlocked in the wee small hours in the morning and I would very much like to be playing it right now rather than telling you that it's out. What a noble, considerate, and responsible soul I am.

Our review is still in the works, as review code came late. But look, you and me, let's watch the launch trailer and pretend we're playing through what we see, and pretend we're not at all resentful of the people who've already played a chunk already.

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The Witcher 3 is on GOG and Steam for £49.99. I guess also Origin and Uplay too if you somehow prefer one of those? Or - good grief - even in a box.

Also out today are the first two of sixteen free DLC packs. You can nab some armour for Geralt and his horse, and a selection of fancy beards for Geralt (but not his horse, sadly). RED have also announced two expansion packs, though the first of those isn't due until October. The two will cost £19.99 and run about thirty hours between them.

But for now, The Witcher 3 is out! Tell me, did you play last night? I loaded it up and watched the intro then realised no, I really do have work to do. But I will feast vicariously on any titbits that you, dear reader, might care to mention.

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