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These 4K monitors are brilliant - and as cheap as $199.99 after a big discount

Choose from a 27-in Dell or 28-in Innocn, both with warm reviews.

4K monitors are brilliant for watching movies, playing pretty games and getting work done, and you might be surprised how affordable 4K monitors are these days. Case in point are these two big reductions on 27-inch and 28-inch 4K monitors on Amazon, available from Dell for $249.99 or Innocn for $199.99.

Both models use IPS panels for wide viewing angles, gorgeous colour reproduction and good motion handling, paired with a 60Hz refresh rate that's fine for office work and slower-paced games. (4K 144Hz monitors are also available, but cost much more - around $599 for something decent.)

The Dell monitor offers better build quality and a bigger brand name for the extra money, alongside a FreeSync certification. The Innocn model is a little larger and $50 cheaper, and uses a much more modern panel released last year versus the 2020-era screen in the Dell. Still, both should perform well in content creation roles given both companies pay a good amount of attention to colour accuracy and colour gamut, with Innocn even including a calibration report in the box.

The Innocn monitor looks like the better value to me, but it has got a more annoying 75x75 VESA mount for monitor arms - I'd go for the Dell with its 100x100 VESA mount if you want to use the monitor in portrait orientation or don't plan to use the included stand - as 75x75 VESA mounts can be a bit fiddly and/or hard to find. Both included stands are reasonably capable though, with height adjustment, tilt and swivel on both options.

Overall, you can't really go wrong with either monitor at these sale prices, so take your pick! If you do get one, please report back in the comments to help your fellow RPS readers.

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