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This discounted 1000W 80+ Platinum power supply is ready for RTX 4090

Future-proof your PC with this UK-based deal.

One of the best 1000W computer power supplies is going cheap(er) on Amazon today, as the EVGA SuperNova 1000 P6 has dropped from £200 to £150. That's an excellent price for a well-reviewed unit with 80+ Platinum efficiency and a fully modular design - not to mention a surprisingly compact ATX design that will work in a wide range of PC cases.

With the RTX 4090 seemingly on the way, there's never been a more pressing need to pick up a high-end PSU. Previously, 1000W power supplies were only viewed as necessary for multi-GPU setups, like SLI gaming PCs or crypto-mining rigs, but with extremely high rumoured power consumption having the full 1000W available means that your build will be future-proof even if you go high-end for the next few generations.

There are other 1000W power supplies available, so why is this one worth highlighting? Well, the EVGA P6 is recognised as one of the very best PSUs available, placing in the top tier and scoring a rare gold rating from the makers of the PSU Tier List (formerly of the LTT Forums and now on their own site).

Elsewhere, reviews recognise the PSU's build quality, power delivery and efficiency (especially during 'light' loads like web browsing where gaming computers will spend a lot of time). The likes of Tom's Hardware also noted the impressive 10-year warranty, large number of connectors and smaller-than-usual dimensions, the latter of which makes the P6 easier to install in a crowded case.

So if you're in the market for a high-end power supply, this could be the one to get! Once you get it, be sure to check out our PSU install guide if you're not 100% au fait with the process.

Thanks for checking out the article, and stay tuned for more deals as we find them! Cheers!

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