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This 128GB USB flash drive is just five bucks at Newegg

Not bad for a drive capable of up to 100MB/s reads.

128gb teamgroup team c175 usb flash drive
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/TeamGroup

Want a 128GB flash drive for half a sawbuck a fiver five of your US dollars? Good news, as this TeamGroup C175 USB drive is down to $5.49 at Newegg, half price and a great deal for a drive capable of 100MB/s reads in the right circumstances.

I've pontificated before about the draw of USB flash drives, as they're essential for many common PC setup tasks like transferring network drivers to a new PC or flashing a new motherboard BIOS. I always tended to just hold onto freebies I got given at tech events, but then when I came to actually use these drives for something I'd find that half of the drives didn't work, the other half were woefully slow and a couple were covered in a mysterious slimey substance I've still yet to identify. With that in mind, I picked up a brand new modern flash drive in a roomy 128GB capacity a year or so ago, and since then I've had an unexpectedly lovely time ferrying files around, installing Linux ISOs and doing all of the other cool stuff you can do with a flash drive.

It turns out that flash drive technology has come a long way in the past decade, in terms of speed, capacity and reliability, and of course even a high-end drive like this is monstrously cheap when it's on sale. This particular example has a simple yet streamlined design, a full-size USB plug, a cap that sticks onto the back of the drive so you don't lose it and 4/5 star reviews - not bad for a $5 drive!

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