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This £150 Samsung gaming monitor is crazy-good for the money

Perhaps the best monitor deal we've seen in Amazon's Spring Sale.

Normally we expect to pay around £200 for a mid-range gaming monitor, but today you can pick one up for just £149 after a significant discount in Amazon's Spring Sale. This is a great price for the Samsung Odyssey G3, a 27-in flat VA panel monitor that boasts a 165Hz refresh rate, 1080p resolution and excellent adjustability.

The G3 is a strong option at this price point, as it offers a lot of premium-grade features that are left out of ~£150 gaming monitors. For example, there's FreeSync Premium certification, which means the monitor is certified to include low framerate compensation to prevent screen tearing even outside of its FreeSync range, plus the screen has to meet strict latency requirements. Despite being an AMD feature, note that Intel and Nvidia graphics cards can also make use of FreeSync without issues!

The stand provided with the monitor is also special, with height adjustment, tilt, swivel and even full rotation to a portrait orientation. This is great for a flat VA panel monitor, as it ensures you can line it up perfectly whether it's your primary screen or a secondary screen. If you prefer, there's also a standard 100x100 VESA mount available so you can mount it on an arm or even on the wall if that's your jam.

The VA panel here is a strong option for gaming, with a 165Hz refresh rate, excellent contrast and reasonably quick pixel response times too, rated at 1ms MPRT. This is slower than the 1ms GtG standard, but still a decent mark to be hitting for a panel of this type, translating to acceptable motion clarity at this resolution.

Overall, the Odyssey G3 is a strong option at this price point that will work well with a wide range of gaming PCs, even older or inexpensive ones. For that reason, it gets our recommendation - and this writeup!

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