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This 22TB WD My Book external HDD is down to $329.99 after a 45% discount

It's too much space though, clearly. No one needs this much space, right?

wd my book 22tb external hard drive in a tiled pattern
Image credit: WD/Rock Paper Shotgun

This is too much space. No one needs this much space. I apologise for wasting your time with this one. But. Well. If you actually can use 22 of your finest Earth terabytes, then you can pick up WD's My Book external hard drive for $329.99, the same price as the 18TB version and 45% off this titanic drive's MSRP.

This is the largest single drive solution available, it uses a 3.5-inch WD WD220EDGZ hard drive rated at 7200RPM, reportedly a white-label version of the Ultrastar DC HC570. It's possible to shuck the drive (ie remove it from the enclosure) if you want to stick it in a NAS or something. Normally though, it connects over a 5Gbps USB connection. Software for password protected backups is included.

Doing the math, this price works out to 1.5 cents per gigabyte, for 22 thousand gigabytes. It's a hugely impressive figure, on both value and size, but even this doesn't really get across the amount of storage this is. I could quote an amount in CDs or Warzone Installs or Libraries-Of-Congress - all fine units of measure in their day - but I won't.

This is simply 22TB of storage, and it will expand the collections of even the most dedicated data hoarder by an extremely significant degree. For example, I consider myself a keen user of SSDs, and my combined total storage for my work PC is 10.5TB... a huge amount, but I could back up my entire PC - and that of my equally data-driven twin brother - and still have a terabyte of space to spare.

In any case, if you need a 22TB drive, this is the one to go for. Good luck with the data hoarding!

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