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This 25-in 240Hz IPS monitor is down to £199 at Amazon UK

The Samsung Odyssey G4 gets good reviews too.

Samsung's Odyssey G4 gaming monitor is a great option for competitive gaming, with an IPS panel, 240Hz refresh rate and comfortable 25-inch screen size. The monitor normally costs around £243, but today it's down to £199 at Amazon UK.

The Odyssey G4 hasn't been granted the privilege of an RPS review just yet, but the fine folks over at RTings rate it highly for gaming thanks to low input lag and quick pixel response times, courtesy of that IPS panel. This model also comes with both G-Sync compatibility and FreeSync support, so you can eliminate screen tearing and reduce judder without the traditional input lag penalty of standard v-sync on any brand graphics hardware. The choice of IPS does mean that you get worse contrast than with a VA screen, but it's not enough to detract from the experience even in slower-paced titles.

You also benefit from IPS' traditional strengths, which include wide viewing angles and accurate colour reproduction, making this a decent choice for colour-accurate creative work as well - although for this purpose a higher resolution panel would be better suited than a high refresh rate one.

Overall, it's hard to find a better deal at the £200 mark for a 240Hz monitor, with only the (IPS panel) MSI Optix MAG2521RX at £219 or (curved VA panel) AOC C27G2ZU at £230 being decent alternatives - and other options costing significantly more. Thus, I've no qualms about recommending the Odyssey G4 at this price.

Have you used this monitor? If not, are you tempted to pick it up? I'm curious to read your thoughts in the comments below!

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