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This 32-in 1440p 165Hz monitor is £248 - a crazy low price

Go big or go home with the LG 32GN600-B.

I'm slowly coming around to the charms of large monitors. As my eyesight gets worse and my focus on good posture strengthens, the prospect of a nice big monitor that I can read at a distance is appealing more and more. That's why I went for Samsung's 32-in Odyssey G7 when it briefly dropped to £469, and it's also why I'm today recommending another 32-inch monitor: the LG 32GN600-B, which today is available from Overclockers for just £249, 28% off its RRP.

That's a great deal for a 32-in 1440p 165Hz monitor based around a flat VA panel, with a quoted 3000:1 contrast ratio and 1ms MPRT pixel response time. The nearest comparable monitor on Amazon costs £30 more, with other monitors of this spec retailing for £100 extra!

So: the specs - let's take a closer look. 32 inches is a little large for 2560x1440, but the benefit is that you can easily run this monitor at 100% Windows scaling and you get large, easy-to-read text without the need to lean in close or zoom in. The relatively low pixel densitity is similar to 27-in 1080p monitors, so not that bad, and this effectively disappears in games where the action looks plenty detailed enough. 1440p is also much easier to achieve with an older or lower-tier graphics card than 4K, especially in this climate of GPU price inflation!

Meanwhile, a 165Hz refresh rate means games feel fluid and responsive, with the 1ms MPRT response rate is respectable if not quite the higher 1ms GtG standard achieved by the very best IPS and TN monitors.

The monitor also ticks the HDR and FreeSync boxes, and I'd wager that if you're using an Nvidia graphics card it would work fine under G-Sync Compatible mode too. There's no DisplayHDR rating here, so don't expect the piercingly bright highlights of a proper DisplayHDR 600 or 1000 screen - but then again, there's no way in heck you're getting that kind of HDR at this price point!

It's a reasonable spec then, and reviews of the 32GN650 (which uses the same panel but has a better stand) have been quite warm. Canadian outlet RTings mention low input lag, fast response times and great contrast as advantages in their review, citing mediocre viewing angles and subpar HDR (as mentioned above) as downsides.

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Overall then, I'd expect this to offer a cracking experience for the money - and there's always the option to pair this with a cheap monitor arm to replace the basic stand down the line.

Got any monitor questions or thoughts on this deal? Feel free to share them below, and I'll see you again next time!

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