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This 32-inch 4K gaming monitor is down to £209.97

A great choice for slower-paced games, media and work.

msi G321CUV 32" 4K UHD Curved Gaming Monitor
Image credit: MSI

Want a massive 32-inch 4K gaming monitor? Good news, because today you can pick one up for only £210 at Laptops Direct in the UK. That's a £144 savings versus its original price, and £139 cheaper than the same model is on Amazon right now.

The monitor in question is the MSI G321CUV, which uses a curved VA panel to deliver excellent contrast (3000:1), reasonable motion clarity (rated 4ms GtG) and of course a truly immersive gaming experience. VA panel monitors are known for delivering the deepest blacks you can get outside of OLED models (which cost about five times the price), making this a great choice for playing games set at night - I'll always bang on about the time I was skulking around the desert in Metro Exodus on a curved VA screen like this one, and being amazed at the shadow detail on-screen... it felt proper immersifying, I tells you.

The 4K resolution is also a good match for the 32-inch screen size, as you can get a ton of real estate at 100% Windows scaling - rather than the 125% or 150% scaling you'd probably employ on a 27-inch screen, the next common screen size down. This makes the G321CUV a solid choice for media consumption and productivity workflows too, although its HDR performance is limited by a rather tepid 250 nits maximum brightness.

Despite the confusing product image on the Laptops Direct site (which is for a completely different monitor), this is a 60Hz model, so it's better suited for slower-paced and cinematic fare than twitchy esports shooters and the like. Still, given that high refresh rate 4K 144Hz monitors start at double the price even for no-brand models, that's not too surprising.

MSI's monitors tend to be quite reliable even if they're not as well known as industry peers Asus and Samsung, so I feel quite happy recommending this model if you prefer resolution over refresh rate!

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