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This 32-inch LG gaming monitor is down to $187

2560x1440, 165Hz, FreeSync/G-Sync Compatible.

lg 32GN600 1440p 165Hz gaming monitor
Image credit: LG

32 inches. That's what I'm looking for in a gaming monitor, but normally screens of this size are just expensive. As you may have guessed from the title though, you can pick up a 32-inch LG gaming monitor for just $187 today, nearly half its original price.

That's a wicked deal for the LG 32GN600, a VA-panel monitor with excellent contrast, a 2560x1440 resolution and 165Hz refresh rate with FreeSync and G-Sync support.

The benefit to choosing a VA panel monitor is primarily in its ability to show deep blacks, compared to TN and IPS models that tend to produce more of a dark grey. This makes VA panel monitors excellent for both use in dark rooms, where the elevated blacks would otherwise be distracting, and in dark games where you can typically observe much more shadow detail.

The downside to VA is that viewing angles and pixel response times tend to be lower than with good IPS monitors, though the best VA panels are still great in both areas. This isn't the most advanced VA panel, as you might have guessed from the price, so you do have to accept that pixel response times are a little slower and therefore there will be more ghosting behind fast-moving objects. Still, with a 1ms MPRT rating, this screen isn't slow, it's not just as fast as screens that can hit the more demanding and useful 1ms GtG metric.

Given the price though, and the sheer amount of monitor you're getting for your hard-earned dollars, this is a great choice for anyone that wants a larger screen.

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