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This incredible 34" LG ultrawide is finally back in stock - plus more gaming monitor deals

In short: $799 for a 3440x1440 144Hz G-Sync Fast IPS screen

One of the best ultrawide monitors is finally back in stock at Amazon US. The LG 34GP83A is essentially the 34" ultrawide version of the company's 27GL850, a monitor that was in almost every tech outlet's best monitor roundup after it debuted last year. The ultrawide version uses the same kind of 'Fast IPS' panel, providing excellent motion clarity plus the accurate colours and wide viewing angles IPS screens are known for. It's a great combination that makes for a strong all-around monitor, and perhaps it's no surprise that the 34GP83A has been almost impossible to find at MSRP for months - until today, when it finally reappeared online for $799.

So what exactly are you getting for your nearly $800 investment? Well, you're getting a curved 34" panel with a resolution of 3440x1440 - the same height as a 27" 1440p panel, but wider, with an aspect ratio of 21:9. That makes for a much more immersive gaming experience, and also provides tons of extra desktop real estate for productivity. (Content creators will also be happy to learn that this monitor excels at colour-sensitive work, thanks to 98% DCI P3 coverage and extremely good colour accuracy.) The screen has a refresh rate of 144Hz out of the box, but can overclock to 160Hz with the click of a button.

The 34GP83A is also a FreeSync Premium and G-Sync Compatible display, eliminating tearing and judder without the input lag of traditional v-sync. HDR is supported too, with the monitor meeting the DisplayHDR 400 spec for brightness and colour gamut. You should expect a decent HDR experience then, not quite as eye-popping as a brighter DisplayHDR 600 or 1000 display but still worth using in games and apps that support it.

As well as these core specs and features, the LG 34GP83A has attracted plaudits for its 'soft skills'. These include a sturdy stand with height adjustment, narrow bezels on all four sides, and OSD settings including a 'black stabiliser' to make enemies lurking in dark areas more obvious and an on-screen crosshair for straight-up cheating.

All in all, it's a great monitor for the money, rivalling the best gaming monitors on the market - and at its original RRP of $799, it's a great value too.

a photo of three gaming monitors side by side, from MSI, Gigabyte and Monoprice

In case the 34GP83A doesn't quite scratch the monitor-shaped itch on your body - you may want to get that looked at - then never fear, because there are a small selection of other monitors going cheap at American retailers today.

If you're more of a 16:9 kind of person, there are three 1440p 144Hz+ models that caught our eye - one from a high-end model from MSI, a mid-range Gigabyte screen and a budget Monoprice option. Both the MSI and Gigabyte screens have had positive reviews; choosing one over the other is probably down to personal preference and brand loyalty over anything else. The Monoprice option lacks the same kind of critical acclaim, but it'll do the same job at a much lower price.

a photo of a gaming monitor, specifically a 34" monoprice ultra-wide

Monoprice have also discounted one of their 34" ultrawides, the catchily named 'Dark Matter', which hits most of the same core specs as the LG above but uses an older VA panel. That means you can expect better contrast, but worse viewing angles, colour reproduction and motion clarity. Personally, I'd save up for the LG, but the Monoprice monitor is a good discount option if you're on a limited budget and still want to get that ultrawide experience.

I hope these deals have been useful; check back tomorrow for more from Rock Paper Shotgun. Until then, farewell!

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