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This 38-in Dell Alienware gaming monitor is down to £899

A £300 discount on a high-end ultrawide w/ DisplayHDR 600 and G-Sync Ultimate.

38-inch gaming ultrawides are few and far between, and it's particularly rare to find good deals on them - so that's why I was excited to see this Dell Alienware AW3821DW on sale with a code from HUKD. When you use code HUKDAW3821DW, this monitor drops from £1299 to £899, an incredible value for a monitor of this spec.

Let's quickly run through those specs. This 38-in monitor has a resolution of 3840x1600, essentially a shorter version of 4K, with a 144Hz refresh rate. The monitor is Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate certified, meaning it has a physical G-Sync module to prevent judder and tearing, and it also gets bright enough to earn the lofty DisplayHDR 600 rating. All in all, it's a ton of monitor for a fairly reasonable price.

Interestingly for a curved monitor, this Alienware uses a Nano IPS panel, meaning it offers wide viewing angles, excellent colour reproduction and great motion handling too, with a quoted 1ms GtG pixel response time in its fastest OSD setting ('extreme'). This monitor could even be used for colour-sensitive work, like editing photos or videos, with 95% coverage of the DCI P3 gamut and 100% of sRGB.

Dell always impresses with their stands, and that continues here with a chunky, modern-looking design that supports height adjustment, tilt and swivel. RGB lighting on the back of the monitor can light up your wall, and there are various gaming modes in the OSD to boost the brightness of dark areas, superimpose a crosshair and so on. You also get a USB hub with four USB 3.0 ports - neat.

All in all, this is a pretty special gaming monitor especially at this price - so do snap it up while it's discounted if you're interested!

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Until next time, peace!

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