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This 400MB/s 128GB Samsung USB drive is down to £13

A high-speed, low-cost drive for ferrying files or installing operating systems.

Flash drive deals have proven surprisingly popular here at RPS, so today we're returning with an evolution on the formula: a high-end USB-C flash drive that sports impressive 400MB/s reads and 60MB/s writes, with a capacity of 128GB, for just £13 rather than the usual £19. That's a great deal from my point of view, and well worth reading upwards of four paragraphs about or potentially just clicking through to the product page linked enticingly below...

While this is technically a USB flash drive of the kind you might have grown up with in school if you're of a certain vintage, it's orders of magnitudes faster than most USB drives that have ever littered the earth. The 400MB/s peak read speeds are more similar to mid-range SATA SSDs than a humble flash drive, while the 60MB/s maximum write speeds are no less impressive given how woeful most USB drives are when it comes to writing to them. Overall, it's not quite the same experience as having a proper portable USB-C SSD, but given the extremely low price for this 128GB unit, it doesn't have to be a world-beater in that department to qualify as a superb overall value.

I'm planning to pick up this drive myself after writing this article, and I have just the use case in mind - I'm going to make it my go-to drive for installing operating systems, a task that comes up surprisingly often in my line of work and really benefits from a speedy drive. In fact, with many desktop OSes now being bootable directly from a USB, this could be the perfect way to try out new Linux distros or experiment with new Hackintosh builds. Of course, this would also be a brilliant drive for ferrying movies from PCs to TVs, sharing a game install between computers or backing up important media.

What do you think - is there still a need for (fast) USB drives or are you all in on cloud storage? Or perhaps you prefer something like the portable, rapid WD_Black P40 portable SSD? Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned for more deals throughout this week!

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