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This 45-inch Lenovo Legion gaming monitor is down to £699 at Very

A dual 1440p 165Hz display.

lenovo legion 45-inch gaming monitor
Image credit: Lenovo

Today's my last day writing deals at RPS! That's a shame, but I have still have two to four articles to share with you, and I'm going to start with this ultrawide monitor from Lenovo, the Legion R45W-30. This is a huge 45-incher, offering what is essentially two 1440p 165Hz screens side-by-side. It normally retails for £799, but today Very are offering it for £100 off - £699. That's a good price for what is essentially two mid-range gaming monitors seamlessly joined into one.

This particular model uses a VA panel, offering excellent contrast and good colour reproduction at the expense of viewing angles (hence the curve) and motion clarity, with IPS and OLED screens being better options for the latter. Still, for content viewed in a dark room - or dark content - this is the sort of screen you want to get all of that shadow detail. Creeping around at night in Metro Exodus was absolutely exceptional on a similar VA ultrawide, for example.

I'm a big fan of ultrawides, as they are tremendously useful for both productivity and gaming. The gaming use case is perhaps more straightforward - you can get a single game up across both screens, without the crosshair-between-bezels issue you might have with a traditional dual-screen setup. This provides a huge amount of immersion, especially in first or third-person action, racing or shooter titles where you can be completely enveloped in the game at hand. You will need a fairly powerful GPU for this, but in terms of total pixels you're still rendering fewer than you'd get on a 4K set - making it easier to drive too.

The work case is also strong, as this gives you an easy way to split your screen up between two, three or even four windows without squishing everything down into unusuably tiny sections (especially when used with the advanced window-size tools built into Windows 11 and also available as third-party programs for Windows, Mac and Linux).

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