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This 4K 144Hz HDMI 2.1 monitor is down to £450 after a £150 discount

A 27-in model with solid specs rebranded by AWD-IT.

Right now you can pick up a 4K 144Hz monitor for only £450, thanks to a £150 discount at AWD-IT on their own-brand X= XRGB27UHD 27-inch monitor. I've actually tested this model for Eurogamer, and I was impressed with what you get for that original RRP - and now that it's £150 off, it's entered great value territory.

First, the good stuff. Having a 4K screen at this size is brilliant, because text appears super crisp and games are beautifully detailed. The Fast IPS display provides a good mixture of viewing angles, colour reproduction and motion handling too, outperforming older IPS or TN displays without running into the slow pixel response times VA panels can suffer from - albeit without the standout contrast you'd expect from VA or OLED. The 144Hz refresh rate is also what I'd consider the standard for a gaming monitor these days, with the increase in responsiveness coming in handy in multiple game genres - FPS, MOBA, racing and basically anything fast-paced - and also just making your PC more pleasant to use in general.

As this is an HDMI 2.1 monitor, you can also hook up next-gen games consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and enjoy games in their full glory. HDR is also supported, although the "HDR 600" rating on the product page is meaningless compared to the actual "DisplayHDR 600" which is an rating that is somewhat regulated. Still, the HDR experience here isn't bad enough that you'd need to disable it, it's just not quite as impactful as you'd get from a more advanced OLED or Mini LED display - notwithstanding these display types are only available at a much steeper price point.

That brings me to the bad stuff about this monitor. First, the stand is really poor, offering little adjustability although it is at least robust and made of metal. I'd recommend taking this off immediately and getting a nice monitor arm instead; Amazon Basics do some good cheap options. Second, the rear RGB lighting is useless for most people and probably ought to be disabled. Third, the OSD here is extremely basic and isn't as convenient to use as those in more mainstream brands, but it at least does what it needs to - even including KVM functionality which is quite nice.

Beyond these three points though, the X= XRGB27UHD is actually a surprisingly decent monitor for the money, thanks to the good LG panel it's built around, and it's well worth picking up at this reduced price if you have a PC capable of kicking out 4K or 144Hz - ideally both - in the games that you play most often.

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