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This 750W Platinum power supply is $110 right now - $90 off

Given the current PSU shortage, this is one heck of a deal

You may have noticed that certain PC parts have been pretty hard to find for a while now - graphics cards and processors have been the most prominent examples, but the crypto mining boom and supply shortages have also seen prices rise on high-wattage power supplies. That's why today's deal on an EVGA 750W power supply is so special - it's an 80+ Platinum unit that regularly retails for $190, now available for just $110.

That's an outstanding price at any time, and in the current climate it's almost unbelievable. With 750W of power on tap, you'll be able to use this PSU with graphics cards up to the RTX 3080 or RX 6800 XT.

The power supply is from EVGA's SuperNova P2 range, with critically-acclaimed PSU vendor Superflower listed as the original equipment manufacturer for EVGA. This particular model has seen a score of positive reviews, which praise it for delivering very stable voltage at extremely high efficiency, as you'd expect from a Platinum-rated design.

The advantage here is that you'll spend less on electricity at the same given load, and less waste heat will be dumped into your system. If you keep your computer on for many hours a day and/or electricity is relatively expensive, then you could well come out ahead going with a higher-efficiency PSU over the lifetime of your PC.

This is a modular PSU too, so you don't have to tuck away any unneeded cables in the bowels of your PC - just plug in what you need and do a bit of cable management to get a nice clean look. It's quiet too, running completely silently until 300W and then ramping up slowly as load increases so you're unlikely to hear it beneath your CPU and GPU fans.

A cheaper alternative...

a photo of a shiny evga ga 650w gold power supply unit (psu)

If you're after a power supply but don't want to spend quite as much, then you can pick up a lesser-rated EVGA SuperNova Ga 650W 80+ Gold unit for just $60 today, down from a list price of $130. This is also a fully modular power supply, so if you're running anything up to an RTX 3070 or RX 6700 XT then you should be in great stead with this more affordable option!

In any case, I hope this was helpful. Let me know what you think in the comments; we don't often cover PSU deals but I thought it was worth trying given how hard it is to find them at a good price recently!

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