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This $80 Fractal Design PC case is half-price on Newegg right now

The Focus 2 RGB is good value and includes two 140mm RGB fans.

Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB pc case, shown front/left and back/right, on a coloured background
Image credit: Fractal Design

Do you want a PC case for $40 plus shipping? So $53? Yeah, no, yeah? Well, anyway, Fractal Design's Focus 2 RGB is selling for that much on Newegg, when it normally costs like twice that, plus shipping, so like $93. That's $40 less, remember.

It's a pretty cool case too, that supports full-size ATX motherboards, comes with two 140mm RGB fans up front, fits up to 360mm/280mm radiators and looks pretty neat as well. Let me tell you a bit more about it?

Right, so. I looked at some reviews of this case as I've not used it myself, but I will say that I've used and recommended the Fractal Design Meshify series of cases on many occasions and have never been let down.

So this Focus 2 is a normal size, with a normal layout, and doesn't do anything super crazy with its feature set. There's an integrated RGB controller, which is nice and of course vibes with the included fans, and a fairly regular assortment of front panel I/O, including two USB-A 3.0 ports and separate headphone/microphone 3.5mm ports. Annoyingly, there's a space for USB-C, but you need to purchase this cable/port separately. What's that about?!

Fractal Design Focus 2 RGB PC case, visible in an exploded view showing the fans, panels and other design elements.
Image credit: Fractal Design

I like that there's a mesh panel up front though, allowing the front fans to actually receive airflow, unlike the surprisingly common "solid front panel" approach. The top and bottom intakes are also filtered to prevent dust ingress. Weirdly, there's no full-sized shroud to separate the PC into two chambers - one for the PSU and your cables, one for the rest of your components - but there is a kind of metal visor that blocks off visual access to the bottom of the case, which could be useful if you wanted to put taller components like a pump down there, but feels like a cost-cutting measure otherwise.

If you're happy with some wires being visible though, there's little else to really complain about here. The vented design works well to achieve a solid mix of temperatures and noise, build quality is solid and there's plenty of room for components and cables. All in all, it's a solid case and well worth considering at this bargain basement price point.

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