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This Battlefield Portal mode is a wingsuit time trial

Well suited

Most of Battlefield 2042's classic Conquests and Hazard Zones aren't my jam, but there's one thing I'm keeping an eye on, and that's Portal. The custom mode editor isn't exactly swimming in creativity just yet, but interesting things are slowly beginning to emerge as time goes by. Like Andy's Wingsuit Trainer, a course set among the clouds where you wing it through floating hoops as quickly as you can. Bravo Andy. Bravo.

If you'd like to give it a go, you'll need to open up Battlefield 2042, head into Portal, then select the "Host" tab. Scroll over to "Experience code", then bung in: AAJY99. And don't worry about other people joining your match, as it's a solo-only affair.

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Honestly, I'm so taken by Andy's Wingsuit Trainer because it's not your bog standard Battlefield 2042 shootybang. So often I browse the servers and there's just a bunch of XP farming lobbies or uninspired deathmatches or naff takes on Zombies. Here, Andy Bohan has built something that's got nothing to do with war. You're just flying about as fast as you can, and that's nice.

I suppose when you dig into the details, the mode retains a bit of grimness. For instance, those red rings you see? Yeah, those are enemy bots trapped in a never-ending wash cycle. It seems like in the past, they've broken free and hopped on the spookiest ride of them all. Can't blame em.

Other interesting Portal creations are beginning to climb out of the logic gates too. For instance, you've got the inevitable take on Squid Game, "Red Light, Green Light!" by Two Angry Gamers TV, which looks like a genuinely good time. During a Green Light phase, you're free to run around with a knife. As soon as you see Red Light flash up on your screen, you must stand still otherwise you'll lose a point. It's here where everyone gets a sniper rifle, can see each other's silhouettes, and maybe land a few headshots. Rinse and repeat with increasing tension.

I've seen another custom mode where you teleport to the position of the player you've killed. And some more military sim-inspired stuff, where the HUDs are disabled, most vehicles removed, and time-to-kill numbers ramped up a notch. Slowly but surely, it seems like Portal is getting there. It's just finding these modes which is the issue, as they're often buried under lots of XP farming muck. Still, take the time to turn those server filters on and you may just find a gem after a bit of a scroll.

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