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This Corsair power supply can handle the RTX 4090 and is down to $125 at Newegg

A good price for a modular 80+ Platinum rated PSU.

corsair hx850 psu
Image credit: Corsair/Rock Paper Shotgun

Corsair makes some of the best power supplies in the business, and today one of their highly-rated 850W Platinum units is down to $125 at Newegg. To get this price on the Corsair HX850, use code BTSCVA93 at the checkout. This is a good price for this PSU, $60 below its US MSRP.

The advantage of 80+ Platinum-rated power supplies versus 80+ Gold-rated ones is that they hit higher standards for efficiency, saving you a small amount of money over time. These power supplies often come with longer warranties, including a 10-year warranty for this particular Corsair HX850 unit.

In terms of compatibility, the HX850 meets Nvidia's requirements for the RTX 4090 and AMD's requirements for the RX 7900 XTX, so you can use any current consumer-grade graphics card without worries, even if you have a relatively power-hungry CPU like Intel's Core i9 13900K.

Elsewhere, this PSU has all of the smaller features you'd expect - optional 40A over-current protection for each connector, a zero RPM fan mode and a fully modular design that means you can leave out cables that go unused rather than needing to tuck them into the bottom of your case.

I've been using Corsair power supplies for work and my own PC for the better part of a decade now, and they've always proven a reliable choice. This particular unit is also an A-tier option on the Cultists PSU tier list, which is nice to see.

Once you've got your new PSU, feel free to refer to our PSU installation guide. Merry electricity!

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