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This Dell 165Hz FreeSync/G-Sync gaming monitor for £116 is a cracking Black Friday deal

An ideal first gaming monitor, or a cheap second screen to take to LAN parties.

The best budget gaming monitor just got cheaper. Dell have knocked the price of their G2722HS 27-in 1080p 165Hz gaming monitor down to £129, but when you use the code BFUKG2722HS it gets even cheaper: just £116.10. That's a tiny fraction of the original £239 price point, and one heck of a Black Friday discount on one of the best value gaming monitors of recent memory.

So: why is this IPS monitor worth considering? Basically, this is now so inexpensive that it is actually cheaper than many name brand 1080p 75Hz and 1080p 60Hz monitors, making picking up the 165Hz option with FreeSync/G-Sync a no-brainer. The 27-in span is also larger than most high refresh rate monitors at this price point, offering a bigger screen that can be viewed more easily from a comfortable distance without becoming unreasonably grainy or pixelated. And as it's IPS, it actually works well for watching videos or content creation too, with good coverage of the sRGB gamut, wide viewing angles and accurate colour reproduction.

It's also a particularly surprising pickup given that it's a Dell monitor, as the American firm makes some of the best office and gaming models in the business and has done for decades. Dell has made some stinkers, sure, but the overall level of quality, fit-and-finish and usability is extremely high across the brand, with good sturdy stands, simple but attractive designs, and reasonable specs for the money. That's true of the G2722HS too, as the monitor gets extremely good reviews for these areas (and its general quality) and is honestly far nicer than you would ever expect to find for a brand new monitor at this price point.

In any case, I reckon this is a cracking deal, whether this is for your first proper high refresh rate gaming monitor or as a second screen that you don't mind taking to LAN parties too. There are higher resolution, higher refresh rate and more advanced screens out there, but it would be hard to beat this level of quality just north of £100.

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