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This Dell 240Hz monitor is down to £234 after a handy code

A 25-in 1080p 240Hz IPS monitor that's also FreeSync / G-Sync Compatible.

The Dell S2522HG is a solid 240Hz gaming monitor based around a 25-in IPS panel, making it an ideal choice for both competitive gaming and content creation - and now it's reached a new low price thanks to a code available at Dell's UK store. Use code DELLNJMON103 to knock £26 off the listed sale price, dropping the monitor from £260 to £234 - a great value.

The Dell S2522HG isn't as well known as Dell's other 25.5-inch 240Hz monitors, the Alienware 25 AW2518H and Alienware 25 AW2521HFL, but it looks to use the same modern IPS panel as the latter. That should ensure excellent gaming performance with low input lag and rapid pixel response times (1ms GtG), while also being good enough for web browsing or content creation thanks to its wide viewing angles and accurate colour reproduction. This is also a G-Sync Compatible and FreeSync Premium monitor, meaning you can enable adaptive sync to eliminate tearing and judder without the traditional input lag penalty of old-school v-sync.

As well as being based around a great panel, the S2522HF also includes some nice extra features. There's ambient lighting, which spills from the lower section of the monitor to add some light to your desk, a joystick to navigate the OSD and a heavy-duty stand that allows for height adjustment, plus tilting, swivelling and pivoting. As well as the DisplayPort 1.4 port you'll want to use to access the 240Hz refresh rate, there are also two HDMI 2.0 ports here to hook up games consoles or other devices. There's even a USB 3.0 hub, with four USB ports, making this a convenient way to connect your peripherals without running a million cables to your PC.

Looking online, the only cheaper 240Hz monitor I can find right now is the AOC C27G2ZU, which is £215. This is a 27-in model with a curved VA screen, which should offer better contrast (a long-standing weakness for IPS screens) but worse viewing angles and pixel response times. The AOC could be a better choice if you prefer slower-paced games or playing at night, but I'd probably go for the Dell in most scenarios - if you're aiming for 240Hz, then getting faster pixel response times without smearing is probably worth the extra £19!

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In any case, I hope this was useful - do let me know in the comments below! And if you do decide to pick up this discounted Dell, enjoy your new monitor!

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