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This Desperados 3 choose your own trailer has you decide between stealth and strength

How do you do?

I've definitely not been hiding the fact that I'm psyched about stealth games that are actually just puzzles in disguise. This new Desperados 3 trailer presents a couple puzzling pickles of the variety you'll navigate when the game releases later this month. It's a choose your own trailer assisted by the magic of world wide web hyperlinks. Do you roll into cowboyville through the front doors or do you play the only way I deign acceptable by sneaking in and using the tricks up your sleeve?

The first video in the sequence of gameplay trailers lets you choose to break into a guarded fort the loud or quiet way. Try it for yourself now if you like, before I just go on and tell you what happens.

If you're loud, gun slingin' protagonist John Cooper rushes in to toss a knife, gets seen by a guard, and then has to take on the reinforcements with the help of strong man Hector Mendoza. If you're quiet—otherwise known as smart, in my opinion—John lures guards to their fate by whistling a distraction, taking them down out of view of their buddies, and performing quiet simultaneous takedowns alongside Hector.

You've got a second choice after that, leading to a total of four other gameplay snippets. Along the quiet route, John and Hector continue using distractions, traps, and the environment to dispense with guards. On the loud side, they make heavy use of that tactical pause—a contentious feature for the series that we saw at work in the last Desperados 3 gameplay trailer.

If you're more into interactive games than interactive trailers—and who could blame you—there's still a Desperados 3 demo available on GOG for their summer sale.

Desperados 3 will launch on Tuesday, June 16th over on Steam and GOG for £45/€50/$50.

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