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This EVGA 1600W Platinum PSU is down to $200 at Newegg

A great choice for high-end, multi-GPU setups.

EVGA may be getting out of the graphics card business, but they're still one of the premiere brands for high-quality power supplies. One massive 1600W 80+ Platinum unit has been highly discounted over in the States, where the EVGA SuperNova 1600 P+ is down to $200 from its original price of $500. That's an awesome deal on a power supply ideally suited for high-end, multiple-GPU systems - and doesn't cost much more than a Platinum-rated 1000W PSU.

The SuperNova 1600 P+ is a pretty darn strong PSU, as you might have guessed by the specs, and the biggest benefit beyond its high capacity is an extremely good efficiency rating (92%) and a 10-year warranty, ensuring years of excellent operation for the likely lifetime of several generations of your gaming PC. The P+ is also relatively compact, thanks to its high-quality components, with dimensions of 200x150x86mm that make it easier to fit into cases with plenty of room to spare for your cables. This is a fully modular unit, so you only have to attach the cables that you plan on using; the remainder can stay in the bag provided to be used if and when you next upgrade your machine by adding a new or higher-power component.

With the RTX 4090 slated to draw from 400-600W, or even higher, then having a top-tier power supply like this starts to make more sense - especially when you consider that EVGA's comparable 1000W unit, the EVGA P5, costs nearly the same price: $166. For an extra $34, you're getting a ton of extra capacity!

Thanks for joining us on this deal, and stay tuned for one more today - and it'll be another one for American readers, as the UK is a little quiet on the deals front this weekend - perhaps due to the impending bank holiday. Cheers!

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