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This flagship-grade 2TB PCIe 4.0 SSD comes with a heatsink and $10 gift card for $109.99

Nextorage was founded by Sony employees in 2019 and creates some great-performing drives.

Nextorage Japan NVMe SSD shown with its many layers of heatsink and drive
Image credit: Nextorage

The name Nextorage might not mean much to you, but this storage company was founded by Sony Japan employees in 2019 and acquired by NVMe SSD controller manufacturer Phison in 2022 - making them well-placed to deliver some high-quality SSDs. Today, their flagship NEM-PA2TB 2TB SSD is down to $109.99 at Newegg, where you can even pick up a $10 gift card with the purchase - neat.

For context, that ties the best price we've seen for a 2TB NVMe SSD, although this option comes with a heatsink and is therefore a better choice for many PC and all PS5 owners.

The Nextorage SSD offers bleeding-edge performance as you might expect from a PS5-spec unit, with quoted 7300MB/s maximum reads and 6500MB/s maximum writes - right up against the limits of the PCIe 4.0 interface used here. The SSD's quoted 1M IOPS reads and writes are also impressive, and ought to translate into some of the best loading times we've seen - though, as we haven't tested this model ourselves, we haven't named it one of our best gaming SSDs. There's also a respectable 1400TBW longevity rating plus a five-year limited warranty, which is higher than the 1200TBW on the high-end WD SN850x.

As you might expect, this kind of high-performance SSD uses TLC NAND flash memory accompanied by a 2GB DRAM cache and dynamic SLC caching, making it a strong choice for basically any scenario - from game and media storage to your PC's primary OS drive. Sustained performance is excellent, especially with the heatsink in play, and I'd pick up one of these NEM-PA series drives just as readily as the WD SN850x or Samsung 990 Pro we normally recommend as the best flagship-grade drives.

What do you think - have you heard of this brand before? Would you pick one up? Let me know in the comments below, and stay safe out there!

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