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This full-size mechanical keyboard is on sale for 30 bucks

An awesome deal on a hot-swappable keyboard that gets good reviews.

pulsar gaming gears keyboard
Image credit: Pulsar/Rock Paper Shotgun

Normally you'd expect to pay the better part of $100 for a new mechanical keyboard, if not more, but today you can find a full-size model for just $30. The Pulsar Gaming Gears PK020 Lunar Alloy is down to that price on Amazon USA following a 50% reduction from the keyboard's MSRP, making for a great deal on a keyboard that ticks all the boxes and actually looks cool too.

So, those ticked boxes: this is a full-size ANSI/US keyboard in a familiar standard layout, with an Fn key providing access to macros, lighting settings, volume adjustment and media controls. The keyboard comes with Cherry MX-style mechanical switches of the light linear (red) variety, providing a soft touch and rapid actuation ideal for gaming. These switches are hot-swappable with other Outemu 3-pin options, so if you decide you want tactile or clicky switches down the line - or a key fails after you dump a can of soda on it - you can swap them out down the line.

Each double-shot ABS key is backlit with full RGB LEDs, with several multi-colour or single-colour effects, including a single static colour if desired. Flip over the aluminium frame keyboard, and you'll also find a nifty transparent bottom case that shows off the red circuit board within.

In terms of gaming features, as well as the previously mentioned macros, the keyboard offers full n-key rollover (ie all keys can be simultaneously pressed and recognised correctly), which can be nice if you're playing certain rhythm games or having multiple players use the same keyboard. There's even a paracord-like flexible cable, something we'd normally expect to see on ultra-light mice.

Overall, this is a very nifty pickup for $30, and I'd be ordering one myself if I was in the US - even though I've got far too many keyboards to shake a stick at.

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