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This League Of Legends player's mispress turned into a crab-powered victory

Nate would be proud

Hitting the wrong hotkey during a MOBA is usually cause for great embarrassment and disparagement. For one lucky League Of Legends team recently, a slip-up miraculously turned into swift and accidental victory. League player "MarviAkaMarv" this week shared a cracking little video of a surprising win that came about after accidentally summoning a giant monster when they meant to do something far more mundane. It is not: high-level play. It is: a pretty great turn of events to watch.

MarviAkaMarv rode the Rift Herald home. She's a big ol' neutral crab you can crush to claim an item that lets you summon her to fight for you. That's handy, but the summoning item fills the slot normally occupied by your Trinket. So if, in the heat of battle, you fall back on instinct and hit that Trinket key... well, congratulations on your new pet crab. Which I think is what happened here (look, I'm getting back into League after a decade away).

The Rift Herald can tear through towers with ease but isn't likely to last long. Unless you're very skilled or very lucky to keep damage off her, as happened in this gentle comedy of errors:

Accidential Herald placement leads to early win
by u/MarviAkaMarv in leagueoflegends

That's less than one minute for the team to cut through five towers. It's only a shame that the Rift Herald died just before completing her magnificent work. Bless.

Ah sure, lots could have been done to stop this, but it wasn't. A daft thing happened, and I am pleased.

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