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This massive 5TB external drive is down to just £85.94 today

A good price for a 2.5-inch external HDD, with no external power required

External hard drives are hard to find at a good price right now, as miners of the new Chia cryptocurrency have purchased drives in huge numbers. However, there are still good deals to be found from time to time, including thi 5TB Expansion Drive from Seagate, which is down to £84.94 at Ebay right now when you use the code SHOP4LESS. That's a respectable savings from this drive's normal price of around £105, and makes it around £15 cheaper than the nearest comparable drives on Amazon.

Note that the SHOP4LESS code expires at midnight tonight, so make sure you get the drive now if you're interested.

External hard drives are pretty straightforward, but there are some differentiating factors that separate a good HDD from a great one - and I'd definitely put this one in the latter camp. For starters, this is a 2.5-inch drive, making it smaller and lighter than a traditional 3.5-inch external hard drive.

Better yet, it doesn't require external power to operate, drawing all that it needs over a USB 3.0 connection. That means you only need to plug in one cable, making it easy to move the drive from computer to computer, or computer to console, as you prefer. It's also a completely standard USB 3.0 Type B cable, so you can easily buy another if you lose this one or it's chewed by your cats.

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The drive also works with a wide range of devices, including computers of all stripes (Windows, Mac, Linux) and the games consoles that we hear some of you like very much. Note that if you're using the drive on Series X/S or PS5, you'll only be able to back up current-gen games to this drive; you'll need to copy your games back to your console's internal hard drive to play them. Of course, back-compat games will run just fine from this HDD, so no worries there.

Finally, Seagate is one of the biggest hard drive manufacturers in the world, and their stuff has a pretty strong reputation for quality. This particular item is brand new and comes with a two year warranty, so if any problems develop early on then you'll be covered.

So that's just about it! I hope you found this useful and we'll catch you later with more deal(z).

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