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Those Who Survived Tuesday? Metro 2033 Is Back

The first time I saw Metro 2033 was during Games Convention 2006 when 4A Games' "pre-alpha" footage was released. A bit of quiet for two years, and now some, um, pre-alpha footage has been released. However, if you go back and forth between the two almost shot-for-shot-the-same trailers, you can see quite how much progress has been made with their 4A Engline.

Using the same broken English ("The world with the no place for the mankind,") narration, and mostly the very same sequence of events, it's a bit of a spot the difference game. But the differences are quite striking in places, especially the updates of the camera swooping down corridors, now alive with people chatting and shadows flickering. The Ukrainian game's based on the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky, in a post-nuclear war Moscow, where the only inhabitable place left is the Moscow Metro. But now it's being invaded by the "Darkens", mutated beasties to FPS at.

So here's the original trailer:

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And here's the new trailer:

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Compare and contrast. It's possibly a bit of a shame that in the two years since this was first shown, things got a bit Russian-post-nuclear in the gaming world.

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