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TinyBuild unveil Hello Neighbor follow-up Hello Guest with a free alpha

You got a ticket, pal?

Like the supernatural intruder it loves so much, stealthy successor Hello Guest snuck its way into this weekend's not-E3 proceedings. Taking Hello Neighbor's home invasion out of the suburbs and into the pine-sheltered alcoves of a haunted amusement park, TinyBuild opened the turnstiles to their stealth-horror follow-up with a free alpha beginning this weekend - no tickets required.

Following a brief tease earlier in the week, Hello Guest was properly debuted during TinyBuild's not-E3 non-press conference yesterday.

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Hello Guest is a follow-up to Hello Neighbor, a 2017 stealth-horror game about sneaking into someone's basement by outwitting the AI next door. The schtick was that the neighbour in question would learn from your actions - figuring out routes and tactics you trended towards and using that intel to foil your plans. A bit like Alien: Isolation's titular xenomorph, really, if it wore a cardigan and had a moustache to twirl.

Rather than sun-dappled suburbia, Hello Guest shifts the frame to Golden Apple Theme Park. You're not the interloper this time - rather, you're put in the boots of a security guard, keeping an eye out for unwanted guests. In this case, it's this Jim Henson-looking beaky boy. He's awfully frightful of the light, sure. But, like Neighbor's eponymous neighbour, the AI-driven critter will start to figure out how to get around your more reliable tricks.

We haven't really written much of anything about the "Hello" games on site, but I gather they've done quite well for themselves. Turns out, the series' unpredictable AI behaviours lead to some awfully watchable, YouTube-able shenanigans. Delivering more of the same in a Scooby-Doo theme park? Sounds fair game, I reckon.

Hello Guest's free alpha can be downloaded over on Steam, the Microsoft Store or directly via the Hello Guest website.

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