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Tinykin is a Pikmin-like adventure coming this August

Gravity Falls meets Pikmin

Tinykin is about an astronaut named Milo returning to earth after a long space voyage. Milo might reasonably fall to his knees and scream "You blew it up, damn you!" when he gets there, because the earth he lands upon has been blown up several times larger than normal - either that or he's been made much smaller and is now the size of a penny. Milo must then have to navigate the abandoned world with a Pikmin-like army of aliens by his side, ready to solve puzzles.

It looks great, and after being announced last year, Tinykin now has a release date of August 30th.

Here's a new trailer to mark the release date:

Cover image for YouTube videoTinykin | Release Date Reveal | Future Games Show June 2022

This wasn't on my radar at all before tonight, but what a lovely-looking thing. Tinykin are the one-eyed alien creatures that swarm around your astronaut as you explore, and you can wield them in different ways to form ladders, chain electricity, push and pull objects, and blow explode things. It really is very obviously inspired by Pikmin.

It's a good time for fans of being wee. Tinykin has a passing resemblance to Devolver's newly announced The Plucky Squire, although what you do in each game looks different. There was also a new trailer for similarly Borrower-esque Bramble: The Mountain King at the same Future Games Show earlier tonight.

Tinykin is being developed by Splashteam, the makers of the thoroughly decent Splasher, which applied the sticky, slicky, bouncy paints from Portal 2 to a 2D platformer. I'm excited to see what they do with this seemingly more ambitious game that mashes together 2D characters in a 3D world.

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