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Here's Titanfall 2 At Yer 4k & 60FPS Gubbins

Singleplayer on show

Titanfall was OK! It had this excellent lock-on autofiring pistol, a massive boon for folk who aren't masterful at online shooters, which made folk who are masterful at online shooters very cross, and thus only made me love it more. Gosh it was a small game though, if one can say such a thing about big stompy mechs blowing up the world, and hamstrung by far too much tropey unlock gunk. Like a beautiful crystal eye with a nasty infection.

Anyway: just eight days until Titanfall 2 [official site], which is hoping to be the market-straddling megahit the first was not. It's got singleplayer and everything, which is what's on show in this here trailer, as well as what the game will look like on a PC you can never afford.

The trailer was harvested from one of Nvidia's gleaming pixel glands, and shows what yer Titanfall 2 would like at 60 frames per second in 4K resolution. It's running on one of their Titan X cards, but similar should be achievable on slightly less obscene hardware - Nvidia claim here that the GTX 1080 is up to the job. Can't speak to what Radeons can manage, especially as we're still waiting on ATI to release what is widely expected to the RX 490, their presumed riposte the 1080 at the top of the market. Me, I've got a Radeon R9 Nano which I'm hoping can more or less manage Titanfall 2 at 3440x1440.

Cover image for YouTube video

For some reason I can't make the video play above 1080p here, although Alice notes that she can push it up to 4K, so I can't get a complete sense of its full intended glory. Even so, it just doesn't look that spectacular to me, which is partly down to the aforementioned YouTube compression, partly down to the unwise over-reliance on grey and partly because, well, it just doesn't. I don't reckon PC's getting a special version based on this - has the hallmarks of a fairly straight carry-over from console.

Still, it's the stomping and the hopeful recreation of that delicate balance that made foot infantry as powerful as big stompy mechs in the right hands that matters. I'm down to review this one - no code yet, but you'll hopefully know wot I think soon enough. The game's due out Oct 28th.

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