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Titanfall 2 launches new mode today, Live Fire

Sounds intense

A new Titanfall 2 [official site] multiplayer mode, Live Fire, arrives today in a free update. Two teams of six have left their robot buddies at home for the day, and will scampering around on foot (and jets, and grapple lines) to shoot each other to pieces in one-minute rounds. Live Fire sounds pretty intense and fun, so I look forward to giving it a crack when it arrives... soon? Respawn Entertainment haven't said quite yet when it'll launch. Today. With a little luck, before I finish work. Here, peep at this trailer:

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Live Fire is a 6v6 pilots-only mode with one-minute rounds, no respawns, and special smaller maps of its own. One way to win is to kill everyone on the other team, obvs, but there's an interesting alternate victory condition. Each map has one single neutral flag to grab, and a team wins if they're holding it at the end of the minute - even if they have fewer players left alive.

Here's the mode's designer, Griffin Dean, gabbing about it:

"Live Fire was inspired by speedball matches in paintball. We wanted to capture the spirit of these lightning-fast competitive matches and give it a Titanfall twist. Live Fire, like speedball, is fundamentally about forward momentum. You have to advance against the enemy, attack aggressively without hesitation, and make split second decisions that can make or break your team's victory."

Today's update also brings a load of balance tweaks.

To celebrate the launch, Live Fire mode will give double XP until Monday.

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