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Titanfall 2 Trailer Teases Electroswords


Titanfall 2 [official site] will bring whopping great swords for mechs. That's the important news from the teaser trailer for Respawn's follow-up to their pretty fun FPS. Also something about heroes and jungles and... I don't know, the important point is, a mech has a big sword in it. An electrosword, even. I always found the first Titanfall's mechplay less fun than being diddy little infantry, preferring to wall-run and double-jump around then leap onto mechs and gun their robobrains out, so hopefully this indicates some more fun options for robomen. Sorry, I realise I'm reading too much into a short teaser trailer, but... electromechsword. See:

That's your lot until June 12th, which is when EA say they'll release the first Titanfall 2 "gameplay trailer". That's two days before E3 2016 starts, when presumably we'll see and hear a heck of a lot more. Last we heard, the game itself was due before April 2017 and today's teasing doesn't clarify anything.

Respawn have spoken a little about Titanfall 2's plot, saying things like "we are doing our best to deliver a vision of grand global colonial warfare retelling the story of the American Revolution and the American Civil War in space." Ambitious, that. My question is: yeah, whatever, which other cool toys will mechs get to play with? And will I again need to grind out loads of levels before I can unlock a cool giant revolver?

Actually, I've not really spoken to other people about Titanfall much, so I'm curious: how much were y'all into the mechs? Maybe this just reflects on me, but I never felt I was contributing much to objectives as a mech. I missed the slick movement of infantry with their wall-running and jetpacks too.

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