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Token Demon Hunter deck list guide - Darkmoon Faire - Hearthstone (December 2020)

The Demon Hunters care not for their minions.

There’s a pretty exciting-looking token in the Demon Hunter class. It’s not been the most powerful Demon Hunter build, but we’re enjoying playing it regardless!

Token Demon Hunter deck list and strategy

Here’s the Token Demon Hunter deck we’ll be using for the Darkmoon Faire expansion. We’ll keep you updated with any changes!

Demon HunterNeutral
2 x Twin Slice
2 x Battlefiend
2 x Ur'zul Horror
2 x Chaos Strike
2 x Sightless Watcher
2 x Feast of Souls
2 x Umberwing
2 x Coordinated Strike
2 x Satyr Overseer
2 x Wrathscale Naga
2 x Eye Beam
1 x Altruis the Outcast
2 x Illidari Felblade
2 x Command the Illidari
2 x Glaivebound Adept
1 x Nethrandamus

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAea5AwLMugO8xgMOi7oDo7sD17sD2LsDibwDqbwD4LwDjb0Dx8YD98gD+cgD/sgDnMkDvtIDAA==

General strategy

Token Demon Hunter is a deck that takes advantage of the deaths of your token minions to deal damage to your enemies and overrun them. It’s unlike variants of Token Druid, which relies on buffs to your small guys. No, Demon Hunters are far more mercenary, and are happy to kill off their underlings for their own gain.

Early game: Demon Hunter’s early game is pretty similar across a number of decks. You have strong early cards, such as Battlefiend and Ur'zul Horror, who’ll pose a threat that has to be dealt with. Umberwing combined with your Demon Claws Hero Power is a good way to get tokens on the board and start removing enemy threats with your hero’s attack power, and the likes of Knife Juggler, if it sticks on board, can start to become a real problem for your opponent.

You’re looking to play aggressively, so make sure you’re attacking your opponent’s hero whenever possible. Don’t discount valuable trades though - you’ll want to stop your enemy from being able to clear your board, as you’ve got some important plays which require a lot of minions to pull off.

A huge tempo play can happen when you start having tokens stick on board. Frenzied Felwing can be discounted to 1 or even 0 mana, giving you a 3/3 on board for far below its cost. Remember how strong Happy Ghoul was in some decks? Same energy.

Mid game: If you have a few minions on board and the means to trade them off, Wrathscale Naga is a fantastic option. You’ll be able to kill the enemy’s minions whilst probably getting a bit of face damage in.

Feast of Souls is a fantastic play for this situation too - at the end of your turn you can draw a load of cards having killed off a bunch of your units, refilling you for more resources for future turns. Just remember to have some mana left over.

In the mid game, you’re aiming to carry out as many of your strong plays as possible. Altrius the Outcast and the likes of Command the Illidari boost your ability to get rid of enemy minions blocking your way, and Teron Gorefiend offers you a chance to buff your friendly units, but only after a delay - maybe wait until you feel comfortable killing off your small tokens, or when it becomes easier to kill Teron himself and get the buff.

Late game: Some of your strongest plays are here in this final gambit too. Of course, if you have a Sea Giant left over and failed to play it previously, now’s a decent time. You should be looking to finish the battle as soon as possible now though, so go face whenever possible.

Nethrandamus is a fantastic go-to last play, especially if he’s been in your hand for a while. He’ll often be able to summon a couple 10-cost minions with his Battlecry - a massive swing when put alongside his existing 8/8 of stats. You’re also pretty likely to upgrade him with all your small minions dying off - just make sure you can get that sweet damage in.

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These are the cards you’ll want to make the best possible start with Token Demon Hunter:

  • 1. Battlefiend is a perfect Demon Hunter opener. 1 mana 2/2s are pretty strong regardless, and the potential for it to grow every turn since and trade into larger enemies is too good to turn down.
  • 2. Ur’zul Horror is solid for early trades and face damage, and offers a second 2/1 for 1 mana once it dies.
  • 3. Umberwing gives you a couple turns of attack power (which can be upgraded by using your Demon Claws), as well as generating small minions to play off of your token synergies later in the game.

Token Demon Hunter tips, combos and synergies

Here’s a few combos and interactions to look out for with Token Demon Hunter.

- Altruis the Outcast can deal damage to the enemy’s hero when the card’s condition is fulfilled. In a pinch, this can be used as a finisher provided you have a couple cheap cards at the sides of your hand.

- Trade off your tokens before casting Feast of Souls. After casting this spell, you’ll be able to draw cards equal to the number of friendly minions who died this turn. With a full board, this can lead to a ludicrous turn where you draw 7 or so cards for just 2 mana - a ridiculous amount of card advantage. It’s okay to play it at other times too though.

- Glaivebound Adept can aim for the enemy face, but make sure you’ve already attacked this turn for it to activate the Battlecry.

- Don’t forget to play Frenzied Felwing when you get the chance - it’s discounted by 1 for every friendly minion that’s died this turn, and in this deck, your friendly minions will be dying a lot.

- Think about your next play with Sightless Watcher - the card you draw should ideally be the one you’re looking to play, or one you plan ahead with for future turns.

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