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Tombs of Terror - Bazaar Bob VIP Membership guide

You'll be able to use some truly Bazaar effects.

VIP Membership is a rare Passive treasure offered in Hearthstone’s Tombs of Terror. Its text reads ‘Taverns you visit are upgraded!’ Sounds pretty understated, but this treasure can completely reshape your run if you get lucky.

Bazaar Bob’s VIP Membership

Keep an eye out between rounds for VIP Membership - it’ll come up alongside other Passive abilities, but if you feel like your run could use a bit more variety and excitement, this is the one to go for.

What does VIP Membership actually do?

When you pick this card up, your options with Bazaar Bob increase enormously. The number of minions available for interaction on each side of the board increases from 4 to 7, and you’ll get a whopping 9 cards to choose from, as well as extra coins to help you modify your deck (usually 6-7 coins).

There are also some exclusive cards only available when you have a VIP Membership.

House Special

This is the most exciting item on the menu at Bob’s upgraded Bazaar. Your whole deck is replaced by one of ‘Bob’s Bombastic Decks’. Seems like a gamble - what are these decks? Well, they’re ridiculously overpowered decks made up of Quest rewards, treasures and generally extremely strong cards usually only available in moderation once or twice per run.

For your convenience, we’ve listed below the four Bombastic decks below.

Bob’s Bombastic Deck 1

1 x Archmage Staff
1 x Bag of Stuffing
1 x Blade of Quel'Delar
1 x Case Study
1 x Gentleman's Top Hat
1 x Gloves of Mugging
1 x Banana Split
1 x Murloc Holmes
1 x Conjuring Attendant
1 x Elistra the Immortal
1 x Exterminate
1 x Parrot Mascot
1 x Rabid Saurolisk
1 x Wax Rager
1 x Blessed One
1 x Leap Frog
1 x Lobstrok Tastetester
1 x Razzle Dazzler
1 x Sack of Gnomes
1 x Fireslinger
1 x Ironhorn Drummer
1 x Super Simian Sphere
1 x Raging Contender
1 x Amalgamate
1 x Bestiary
1 x Unbound Punisher
1 x Dreamgrove Ring
1 x Shallow Graves
1 x Rod of Roasting

Bob’s Bombastic Deck 2

1 x Greater Jasper Spellstone
1 x Greater Pearl Spellstone
1 x Greater Ruby Spellstone
2 x Hunter's Insight
2 x Pristine Compass
1 x Sulfuras
1 x Wand of Disintegration
2 x Wondrous Wand
1 x Greater Amethyst Spellstone
1 x Amara, Warden of Hope
1 x Barnabus the Stomper
1 x Crystal Core
1 x Galvadon
1 x Greater Emerald Spellstone (pre-nerf mana cost of 5 mana)
1 x Greater Onyx Spellstone
1 x Megafin
1 x Nether Portal
1 x Queen Carnassa
1 x Time Warp
1 x Greater Diamond Spellstone
1 x Greater Mithril Spellstone
1 x Greater Sapphire Spellstone
1 x V-07-TR-0N
1 x The Ancient One
1 x Azari, the Devourer
1 x Highkeeper Ra
1 x Wish

Bob’s Bombastic Deck 3

2 x Evocation2 x Research Project
4 x Astral Portal2 x Arcane Intellect
1 x Bag of Stuffing
1 x Consult Brann
1 x Mage Armor
2 x Arcane Power
2 x Archmage's Apprentice
2 x Kirin Tor Elemental
2 x Archmage's Insight
2 x Embers of Ragnaros
1 x Flameheart
2 x Mysterious Rune
1 x Wondrous Wand
1 x Fireslinger
1 x Hallowed Water

Bob’s Bombastic Deck 4

30 x Pogo-Hopper

Tea Time

This card reads ‘Gain 4 Mana Crystals and draw 2 extra cards for the next boss only’. You'll find Tea Time useful if you’re not confident of your deck’s quality going into the upcoming battle. Alternatively, if you happen to have a couple of coins left over (this’ll set you back 2 coins), this one is worth picking up.

Upgraded Pack Mule

Amazingly synergistic with House Special, Upgraded Pack Mule reduces the mana cost of all cards in your deck by 1, leading to outrageous value throughout the game whether or not you happen to have one of Bob’s Bombastic Decks.

That’s all you need to know for the VIP Membership! Pick it up the next time you venture into the Tombs of Terror, and check out Kripparian’s experience using one of Bob’s Bombastic Decks!

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