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Tooth and Tail claws its way onto PC 12 Sept

Claw breakers

Tooth and Tail [official site] - the lean, stripped-down RTS from Monaco devs, Pocketwatch Games - is coming out on 12 September. There's a little cinematic trailer to mark the announcement and it shows the game's Redwall-via-revolution theme as well as snippets of gameplay footage:

Cover image for YouTube video

My favourite thing about that game is that I played it against Adam back at GDC 2016 and beat him. Obviously I have therefore retired undefeated from the game a year and a half before its release. Don't let that deter you, though.

The idea of Tooth and Tail is that it scratches the itch for playing an RTS but distils the game down to the basics so it's easier to learn and matches take less time to play out. Basically, if you look over someone's shoulder as they play Starcraft II and say "Nope! Not enough hours in the day for this nonsense even though it looks kinda fun..." Tooth and Tail is hoping to catch you in its little claws.

Here's part of Adam's preview, written on the back of his TERRIBLE CRUSHING DEFEAT:

"What that means, as well as making a coffee break battle an option, is that you won't end up base-building for half an hour only to realise your base is rubbish and that the tide has turned against you even before you encounter an opponent for the first time. Think about how many hours you've spent knowing that a game is lost, backs against the wall waiting for the final blow that ends that awful waiting for the wrap-up screen."

Anyway, yes. September 12 is the official release date. I'm a tiny bit confused because Steam is telling me in bright green letters that ACTUALLY the game will be available on 13 September but I'm guessing that might be a time zone thing, so the game would release on 12 September in America but timezones might nudge it into the early hours of 13 September over here? GOG is saying 12 September as well. I'll average it out and say it's the 12-and-a-halfth of September.

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