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Cute animals go to war in streamlined RTS Tooth And Tail

Oh no!

Out now is Tooth and Tail [official site], a game about adorable little anthromorphic animals who- oh. Oh no. They're fighting. Stop fighting! Why are you fighting? Is that a skunk launching mustard gas? Oh no. It seems Pocketwatch Games, the makers of heist game Monaco, have a terrible lesson to teach us about Mother Nature in their new real-time strategy game. Tooth and Tail is a streamlined RTS, condensing the thought and action into rounds of 5-12 minutes with gamepad-friendly controls, procedurally-generated maps, and customisable factions. It's mighty pretty and all.

Tooth and Tail is set in the middle of a civil war between animal factions over who's for dinner. Along with a singleplayer campaign, Tooth and Tail has multiplayer in online and split-screen forms.

Adam and Pip played together last year, and Adam found himself on the menu.

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Tooth and Tail costs £14.99/$19.99/€19.99 on Steam and GOG for Windows and Mac, and Steam has it for Linux too. The lack of Linux on GOG is because Tooth and Tail needs GOG's Galaxy client for multiplayer but GOG haven't released Galaxy for Linux yet.

The game will eventually have cross-platform play between the Steam, PlayStation 4, and GOG versions. Steam-GOG play was supposed to be in at launch, with PC-PS4 play following "shortly after", but that ran into trouble. Pocketwatch founder Andy Schatz explained on the GOG forum yesterday:

"Looks like we didn't get the Galaxy to Steam crossplay wrapped up in time. We've been working all hours to get it into shape, but it's just not there yet. We're hoping to finish it up this week, but we do want to make sure the experience is good for everyone. Sorry for the broken promise, we'll do what we can to get crossplay done as quickly as possible!

"We do still have PS4 crossplay on the schedule too, but that will come when the GOG/Steam crossplay is done and live."

Along with that crossplay, the developers say they're planning to launch free content updates down the road.

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