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Total War: Warhammer 2 powering up Bretonnia when Tomb Kings arrive

Help the Frenglish

The big news on the Total War: Warhammer II scene next week is the launch of its first expansion, Rise of the Tomb Kings (read our review of it), but there's good news for an older faction too. Recognising that Bretonnia were a little left out when others were powered up for Twarhammer 2, developers Creative Assembly are buffing the fantasy Frenglishmen in the update launching alongside Tomb Kings. They'll receive new tech and abilities, including tools to better combat the sequel's new factions.

Creative Assembly talk about the plight of Bretonnia in the patch notes:

"One thing that was very noticeable is that the Bretonnian tech tree relies heavily on race-specific upgrades, and all the targets of these technologies were Old World factions only. With the New World adding many new races, it was only fitting to add some technologies specific to these new races. In addition, we noticed that Bretonnia doesn't have many unit upgrades in the technology tree, making them fall behind a bit when other races start to unlock their general unit upgrades in the middle game. We addressed this issue by adding a whole new section to the end of the tech tree that mostly includes unit upgrades for men-at-arms, archers and knights of all sorts."

The Bretonnian tech tree will receive an extra 20 technologies, bringing the total to 32. Five of these help Bretonnia kick in New World races, some are simple unit upgrades such as extra armour for Knights, and some make certain buildings better. Their Legendary Lords are getting four new skills each too.

The update will also add another Skaven Legendary Lord free for all players, named Tretch Craventail, while adding a few extra legendary buildings to the Old World. Players will get to visit the Peaks of Parravon, the Forest of Laurelorn, Oathgold Mine, and Ruins of Mourkain. Though these are all located the Old World, New World factions visiting there in the Mortal Empires megamap can get special benefits from them too.

Hit the patch notes for more details on all this as well as buckets of bug fixes. The update launches alongside Tomb Kings on Tuesday, January 23rd.

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