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Total War: Warhammer 2 launches Steam Workshop

Easy peasy ratty squeezy

You're already busy enough with war preparations, I'm sure.

☑ Sharpen blade
☑ Scrape blood off boots
☑ Polish helmet
☑ Learn words to latest warchants
☐ Pack lunch
☐ Download mods
☐ Install mods
☐ Ask Rat Mother for sick note to skip parade

So much to do, so very much to do. You can now streamline some of this process, as Total War: Warhammer 2 [official site] launched its Steam Workshop the other day to simplify finding, downloading, and installing mods.

Hit Total Warhammer 2's Steam Workshop to have Steam download and install mods for you.

One notable mod already up is a port of the Better Camera Mod from the first game, which lets people zoom closer and further out for tactical views or just to stare and coo at their pretty armies. Also returning from Twarhammer 1 is a follow-up to the Grand Campaign Custom Maps mod, a project collecting custom maps for battles to add variety. Gang, which mods do you recommend?

Twarham 2's Steam Workshop officially launched on Thursday following a false start. When Twarha2 launched at the end of September, the Workshop was disabled because mods were crashing the game and the developers wanted to make sure it was stable. But, er, they had accidentally opened the Workshop for a bit before slamming the door. Folks could still download and use mods manually between then and now, but it is easier with the Workshop.

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