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Ride A Unicorn In Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Mix

Well then!

One of the more colourful highlights of the Ubisoft E3 press conference, amid all the brown and grey Tom Clancy titles, was a curious video that raised and dashed my hopes several times over before the end. It eventually turned out to be the announcement trailer for an upcoming expansion to Trials Fusion [official site], titled Awesome Level Mix. In which you play a gun-toting cat on the back of a fire-breathing unicorn. Obviously.

Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max is the biggest DLC expansion in the history of the franchise and adds 40 new tracks to the game when it launches on July 14th. The main attraction here seems to be The Awesome Adventure, which involves eight new Trials tracks, a new soundtrack and a bunch of minigames. All featuring the inherent ridiculousness of the universe/cat duo.

There’s also Red Lynx vs All-Stars mode, which includes tracks made collaboratively between the game’s developers and fan creators. You’ll also receive other bits and pieces for your garage and to incorporate into your levels. You can either grab the DLC standalone when it launches on July 14th, or grab the Trials Fusion: Awesome Max Edition, which includes the original game and the complete DLC back catalogue. Assuming you don’t already have the game.

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