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Trials Of Osiris PvP starts free for all Destiny 2 players today

The Trials are back

Destiny 2's new Season Of The Worthy is now underway and with it comes the triumphant return of the Trials Of Osiris PvP mode. The gauntlet of increasingly difficult matchups challenges players to earn the sickest of loot. The best of the best will get special rewards for completing seven consecutive matches without losing. The new trials are free for all players and they kick off today.

Trials Of Osiris is a weekend event kicking off every Friday and closing up every Tuesday. You'll need to be above Power level 960 and have a Fireteam of three to enter the Trials.

Netting seven wins, going "flawless" in the trials, will get you access to The Lighthouse. You'll also be able to sport some sick threads. "Players who go Flawless each week and have their Trials gear equipped will have a yellow glow that will appear, fading slowly after one week. To refresh the glow, players will need to go Flawless again." Ah yes, I can smell the lure of dailies and achievement streaks from here. If you feel like Destiny 2 has too much FOMO, that's apparently a thing that Bungie are working on fixing in upcoming seasons.

Resident Destiny 2-liker Alice0 had plenty to say about the return of Trials of Osiris and with my limited knowledge the one thing I know for sure is that it will be "sweaty." Wash your hands, FPS players. You can find out more details on how the Trials work on Bungie's website.

Good luck going Flawless out there, Guardians.

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