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Try your hand guiding Humankind in a new demo for the Civ-like strategy game

Get your hands on Humankind

Amplitude Studios' strategy game Humankind is offering a playable peek at their vision for the next era of civilisation 'em ups. The strategy romp has a new trailer out along with a free demo that you can play in your browser so you can decide for yourself if it'll take the strategy crown. Sega announced today that they're planning Humankind's launch for sometime in April 2021.

First up is that new trailer. It's full of giant folks running across miniature landscapes as they do in strategy games. But oh how pretty the landscapes are—forests and plateaus and waterfalls and all—along with some snowfall and sprawling cities throughout the eras. It is a trailer, so they've also pulled out some nice things folks have said about Humankind. Look, there's our Nate calling it "rippling with potential". You can catch the rest of his thoughts in his Humankind preview.

When he played it this summer, Nate found it full of promise. "City building itself, by the way, is extremely satisfying," he says. "I ended up with one city that was like a long, Babylonian worm stretching down the coastline of a continent, and another that made its way onto a rocky plateau via a sort of tendril, before blossoming into a load of mines. It stops all cities from looking virtually the same, and works as a great complement to the game’s utterly stunning-looking terrain." At the time, he reserved judgement on the combat which seemed to still be a work in progress.

You can give the game a go yourself, Sega say, thanks to a demo now up on Stadia for anyone with a Google account. "This demo features two full eras to play through (100 turn limit) and features first iteration integration of the Diplomacy feature, which will be new to everyone," they say. "Everyone will play through the first era as the Nubians and then for the classical era, you can choose from the ten available cultures for that era." The demo is available from now until next Wednesday, October 28th.

Humankind will be available on Steam, Stadia, and the Epic Games Store in April 2021.

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