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TT Games reportedly cancel multiple projects including a "Diablo-like" Disney crossover

Trouble in Legoland

TT Games - the studio behind Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and a bunch of other Lego spin-offs - have cancelled several games featuring high-profile IP, according to a report from Nintendo Life. Up to five games have apparently been shelved due to various reasons including a “Diablo-like” Disney crossover, a Lego Guardians Of The Galaxy game, and a non-Lego shooter featuring various Warner Bros. characters.

The largest cancelled game is allegedly Project Marley, the codenamed Disney project which suffered from a lack of direction after four years in development. The game was said to assemble characters from multiple Disney IPs including Toy Story, Winnie The Pooh, Nightmare Before Christmas, and more, as players explored “a large overworld and Diablo-like dungeons.” Essentially, a Legofied version of Kingdom Hearts.

Another game, going by the codename Project Rainbow Road, was a non-Lego, Warner Bros-themed shooter that would have reportedly featured characters from Stranger Things, too. It originally began development as a (non-Lego) Funko project, before developer 10:10 got ahold of the Funko licence and TT struggled to salvage the leftovers.

No reasons were given for the cancellations of the Lego Worlds mobile port and the Guardians Of The Galaxy game, but Nintendo Life mention a large Lego Harry Potter game - in the style of The Skywalker Saga - that’s sucking up resources at the studio. This large project has seemingly caused a new Lego Batman game to be shelved too, meanwhile, a Mandalorian-themed DLC for The Skywalker Saga is “in jeopardy.”

This isn’t the first time that there’s been trouble in Legoland, though. Formerly known as Traveller’s Tales, TT Games have been the premier game studio for the Lego spin-offs that populated my childhood on an almost annual basis. But, their output slowed in the years before Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga due to reports of “extensive crunch” and workplace bullying that led to a turbulent dev cycle.

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