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Two of Immortals Fenyx Rising's DLCs will star new heroes

One is based on Chinese myths

Ubisoft's upcoming Greek mythology romp Immortals Fenyx Rising has announced its DLC plans and, interestingly, your title hero Fenyx actually only stars in one out of the three. The new stories coming in the season pass after Immortals' campaign will give Fenyx some new challenges before heading off to explore Chinese myths and a new Greek hero.

Get a quick gander at all three of the DLCs in Ubisoft's new trailer here. The first DLC, A New God, sends Fenyx to Olympos to face some new puzzle-y looking challenges after the main story. Feels a bit like a spoiler there, Ubisoft, but I guess I shouldn't expect the hero not to defeat Typhon and get invited to sit at the cool gods table. Anyhoo, after that, the next two DLCs will ditch Fenyx to hang out with a couple new up-and-comers.

The second DLC, Myths Of The Eastern Realm, will put you in the boots of a new hero named Ku. "When a brutal war breaks out between Heaven and Earth, humanity is turned back into the clay that the Goddess Nuwa formed them from," Ubisoft say. "But one brave hero, Ku, escapes the curse of the broken heavens and emerges into the fallen world."

The third DLC, The Lost Gods, heads back to Greece, this time with a character called Ash. Apparently this one changes the game up into a top-down brawler during which Ash will be reuniting some of the Greek gods who ditched Olympos. Is it just me, or did Ubisoft accidentally create one DLC and two spinoff games?

Aside from the DLCs, Ubisoft also mention other free content updates. Immortals Fenyx Rising will get daily and weekly quests, community challenges, vault challenges, and new cosmetics. I'd be alright if every singleplayer campaign didn't need to strap on service game elements but hey, that's the world we game in now. New vaults—the puzzle things wot look like Breath Of The Wild's shrines—are something I'll likely be up for.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is just around the corner. You'll be able to snag it on December 3rd from the Ubisoft Store or Epic Games Store for £50/$60. It'll also be available on Stadia and consoles.

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