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Two top-tier Dell gaming monitors get Black Friday discounts today at Dell US

Choose from 32-in 4K 144Hz model ($200 off) or 24-in 240Hz (50% off).

Little or large? That's the choice you'll have to make between these two Dell monitor deals at Dell's US outlet, with Black Friday prices on a 24-in 1080p 240Hz monitor ideal for competitive gaming or a 32-in 4K 144Hz model with HDMI 2.1 that would suit a high-end gaming PC, PS5 or Series X. Both are incredibly good value after today's discounts, and well worth taking a look at if you're in the market for a monitor upgrade!

The G3223Q is our 4K 144Hz model, and is a good bet for higher-end PCs - and particularly folks that also have a PS5 and/or Xbox Series X in play. It normally costs $800, but has been reduced to $600 in this sale.

The HDMI 2.1 ports allow these consoles - or PCs with recently released AMD or Nvidia graphics cards - to get 4K 120Hz HDR without the need for DSC (display stream compression) as required by DisplayPort 1.4.

The Fast IPS screen here offers a great balance between different panel types, more or less combinining the superior pixel response times of TN with the wide viewing angles and accurate colour reproduction of IPS. HDR is also supported, with a DisplayHDR 600 rating indicating that this monitor can actually deliver impactful HDR by reaching at least 600 nits in brightness.

the dell S2522HG gaming monitor, a 1080p 240hz 24-in spec

Meanwhile, the S2522HG is a 1080p 240Hz affair, offering an ideal setup for competitive gaming. It normally costs $300, but today it's been cut to $150 - an extremely good price for a 240Hz gaming monitor, especially one from Dell!

Again, the Fast IPS panel used here offers excellent motion handling alongside wide viewing angles and great colour reproduction, making it a surprisingly good all-rounder for a wide range of activities - think photo editing, watching videos and playing slower-paced games in addition to fast-paced fare like Counter-Strike, Valorant or Warzone.

The smaller screen and high refresh rate are ideal for competitive FPS or racing titles, while a good stand ensures that the monitor is positioned perfectly in front of you - though I'd still recommend a monitor arm to free up more mouse and keyboard space.

So that just about does it! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, and be sure to share your own experiences with these monitors if you have any. Thanks for joining me and we'll see you on another deals post very soon!

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