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Type long and prosper with 50% off Roccat's phenomenal Vulcan keyboard

This full-size UK mechanical normally costs £140, but is £70 today - a historic low.

Roccat's excellent Vulcan 100 mechanical keyboard is 50% off at Amazon UK today, dropping from £140 to £70. That's an outstandingly good price for a full-size UK keyboard with an aluminium chassis, per-key RGB backlighting and tactile Titan switches.

Katharine reviewed the Vulcan 120 keyboard back in 2019, which is essentially the Vulcan 100 but with a palm rest. She called the Vulcan "a breath of fresh air", thanks to its new switches and beautiful design. The switches are "lovely to type on", with a good level of tactile feedback without loud clicks, and the metal frame provides "outstanding build quality".

It's quite a positive review, all told, so perhaps it's not that surprising that Katharine turned straight around and named the Roccat Vulcan the second best gaming keyboard of all time behind the slightly more gaming-focused Fnatic Streak. In fact, the major reason that the Vulcan missed out on the top spot was due to its higher price, but guess what - the Vulcan at £70 is now significantly cheaper than the £110 Streak!

I've also had the pleasure of testing out the Vulcan, and I've got to concur that it's a genuinely great keyboard. I particularly like the slim keycaps, which give a more 'direct' typing feel and give the keyboard its unique look. There's also a volume wheel in the upper right, which is super convenient for quick adjustments when you're in-game and don't want to tab out. If you're living that RGB life, then you can play with a dizzying array of effects, but equally you can just set the lighting to a single colour of your choice and never touch it again if you prefer. Similarly, the option is there to set up complicated macros and rebind keys, which can be fantastic for speeding up common work tasks or for playing MMOs, but the Swarm software isn't obligatory and can be ignored too.

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So - if you'd like to have a lovely mechanical keyboard that'll last for years and years, while giving you a pleasant typing and gaming experience and looking super coo, then this is a great shout. £70 is as cheap as this keyboard has ever been, £10 cheaper than its best Black Friday price, and it's legitimately one of the best I've ever tested.

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